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Double Shot Cafe


The Double Shot cafe fit-out reinvigorates a tired tenancy to create a vibrant and welcoming new cafe atmosphere. The existing established grapevine encapsulating the covered outdoor space at the front of the cafe was re-interpreted as sisal ropes which contain and unite the two internal spaces of the cafe - dropping down to suspend lighting fixtures and inverted planters. The extensive internal planting brings the foliage of the surrounding tree lined streets of Deakin into the interior. A variety of spaces throughout the cafe vary in scale to accommodate different sized groups ranging from the individual enjoying a quick caffeine hit through to a large communal table suiting a large group.

The materiality of the fit out created a refined industrial aesthetic. Built-in leather seating maximise the capacity of the space while creating an indulgent atmosphere and leather detailing is also extended to bespoke joinery handles. The use of reinforcing steel mesh painted black around the main counter creates a rich texture while allowing the display of wine bottles and hanging of newspapers.

Externally, recycled materials are re-purposed to create a relaxed and enjoyable outdoor environment. Planters containing edible plants and herbs are created from concrete pipes and wooden cable drums are up-cycled to become tables and stools. The use of sisal rope and black reinforcing mesh in the design of the planters unite the external space with the cafe interior.