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King Street Offices


The King Street commercial and health building is the first stage of the Deakin Masterplan. By reinvigorating and re-purposing an aging indoor sports facility, Turco and Associates has created a unique office environment. The development consists of three levels of mixed office, health and educational accommodation. Clear structural expression is maintained which informs the creation of a clean industrial aesthetic.

A large central atrium linking all three levels establishes an internal streetscape which encourages social interaction and exchange between the various tenants of the building. A series of timber clad walls throughout the atrium provide a sense of warmth to the space while structurally supporting lightweight feature staircases. The prominent location of staircases encourages building users to use their feet rather than the elevators – promoting health benefits for the users and cost savings for the building operator. A café located within the atrium on level one serves as a focal of public life within the building.

An emphasis on environmentally sustainable design principals was integral to the design approach of the project. The form of the building was heavily influenced by ESD initiatives including the incorporation of extensive natural lighting and ventilation